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Svm Exports(India)
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Product: SVM EXPORTS, a company engaging in the cultivation of medicinal plants and undertaking marketing and exporting of medicinal herbs and natural drugs.We are actively involved in cultivation of..., Acorus Calamus , Aloe Vera , Alpinia Calcarata , Andrographis Paniculata , Asparagus Racemosus , Azadirachta Indica , Bacopa Monniera , Bixa Orellana , Carica Papaya , Cassia Angustifolia , Cassia Fistula , Centella Asiatica , Coleus Forskohlii , Curculigo Orchioides , Curcuma Longa linn , Cymbopogon citratus , Datura Metel , Eclipta alba , Emblica Officinalis , Eucalyptus globulus , , Gloriosa Superba , Gymnema Sylvestre , Jatropha curcas , Lawsonia Inermis , Morinda Citrifolia , Moringa Oleifera , Mukia Maderaspatana , Nelumbo Nucifera , Ocimum sanctum , Passiflora Incarnate , Phyllanthus Amarus , Piper longum Linn , Rauwolfia Serpentina , Rumex crispus , Salacia Oblonga , Solanum Xanthocarpum , Terminalia Belerica , Terminalia Chebula , Tribulus terrestris , Vinca Rosea , Withania Somnifera , India Long Range Cellphone Manufacturers
Main Products: eucalyptus,power supply,organic
Product: We are one of the leading manufacturer of teas,We offer: black tea, green tea, oolong tea, Taiwanese Tea,Pu-erh Tea, Lapsang Sauchong, Instant tea, tea bag, special tea,Organic Tea, healthy tea,...,black tea , Jinjunmei black tea , Yinjunmei black tea , tea bag , Lapsang Sauchong , Lapsang Sauchong black tea , oolong tea , Wild Tea Lapsang Souchong , Chinese green tea , Mao feng Tea , Taiwanese Tea , Pu-erh Tea , Pu'er tea , Tieguanyin , Tie kuan yin , tie guan yin , Wuyi rock tea , longjing Tea , queshe tea , china tea , chinese tea , maofeng tea , maojian tea , Organic Tea , white tea , loose tea , tea in bulk , Instant tea , Dragon Well Tea , Biluochun Tea , dahongpao tea , Lungching , Piluochun , Tianmu Qingding , healt tea , Barlery Tea , Kumazasa Tea , Sechong , Shuixian , Huangjingui , Jasmine Tea , Osmanthus Lungching , Osmanthus Green Tea , Osmanthus Oolong , Rose Black Tea , Osmanthus Black Tea , Lichi Blach Tea , Lichi Blach Tea , White Pekoe Silver Needle , Pai Mudan White Penoy , Shoumei , Puertea , Pan Fried Green Tea , Baked Green Tea , Genmaicha , Kukicha Stalk Tea , Houjicha , West lake longjing Tea , Lungching Green Tea , Huangshan queshe , Chinese Yellow Tea , Huangshan maofeng , Guzhang maojian , Wuyi Mountain Rock Tea , Lungching tea , flower tea , special tea , Chinese famous tea , tea power , healthy tea , Alp Souchong , high Mountain Maojian , Aged Pu'er Tea , jade dew , robe tea , cassia tea , Chinese famous tea , Anji White Tea , Zisun Tea , Sparrow Lingua , Mengding Ganlu , lack Tea Powder , BOolong Tea Powder , White Tea Powder , Jasmine Tea Powder , Buckwheat , Barley Leaves Powder , Mulberry Leaves Tea , Loquat Leaves Tea , Persimmon Leaves Tea , Dokudami Tea , Dokudami Tea, China Long Range Cellphone Manufacturers
Main Products: black tea,oolong tea,chinese green tea
Product: Huolong is a professional ceramic fiber researcher, manufacturer, technology-impeller and seller with the large production ability in the world. In the past twenty, we devoted ourselves to research...,Huolong1260/1400 ceramic fiberseries , 1260/1400 series of ceramic fiber , Huolong ceramic fiber bulk , Huolong ceramic fiber blanket , Huolong ceramic fiber felt , Huolong ceramic fiberboard , Huolong ceramic fiber special-shaped product , Huolong ceramic fiber paper , Huolong ceramic fiber textile , Huolong ceramic fiber groupware , Huolong1600 crysytal fiber series , 1600 series of crystal fiber , cry stal fiber bulk , crystal fiber strip , crytyal fiber blanket crystal fiber groupware , crystal fiberboard , Huolong1260soluble fiberseries soluble fiber blanket soluble fiber paper soluble fiber cloth soluble fiber board , Huolong1050 series of environmental protection fiber , Huolong no-shape fire-proof material series , Huolong ceramic fiber castable , Huolong ceramic fiber spray refractory , clay bond with fire-proof castable(bond) cement bond with fire-proof castable low , cement bond with fire-proof castable , phosphate bond with fire-proof castable , soluble glass bond with fire-proof castable , lightweight fire-proof thermal insulation castable Huolong adhesive series , Huolong fire-proof coating series , , China Long Range Cellphone Manufacturers
Main Products: huolong1260/1400 ceramic fiberseries,1260/1400 series of ceramic fiber
Product: We are one of leading manufacturer of rubber belt in CN, We aim for supplying excellent belts with competitive price to worldwide customers. Now we have mass of specifications of belts,and...,We are specialized in producing \"FuLong\" brand industrial rubber timing belt (including 7-38 metres extral long endless belt) , raw-edged V belt , variable belt , ribbed blet , flat belt , double-sided timing belt. automotive timing belt , falt beltand matching pulley series.Our FuLong' brand timing belt's advantages are anti-wearing out , small elongation rate and strong , also , it is anti-oil , anti-heat , anti-ageing , anti-ozone. , China Long Range Cellphone Manufacturers
Main Products: doors and windows,oil,belts
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Product: tea,green tea,teas,tea set,tea bags,herbal teas,herb tea,Chinese tea,oolong tea,loose tea,china tea,organic tea,jasmine tea,wholesale tea,tea wholesale,black tea,pu erh tea,bulk tea,organic green...,tea , green tea , teas , tea set , tea bags , herbal teas , herb tea , Chinese tea , oolong tea , loose tea , china tea , organic tea , jasmine tea , wholesale tea , tea wholesale , black tea , pu erh tea , bulk tea , organic green tea , chinese green tea , china green tea , red tea , jasmine green tea , weight loss tea , loose green tea , pu'er tea , puer tea , tea accessories , Jasmine Oolong tea , Yinjunmei black tea , white tea , weight-loss tea , Traditional Chinese Tea , tie-guan-yin tea , Tieguanyin , Tie kuan yin , tie guanyin chinese tea , Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea , tie guan yin , Teaware , Teapot , Tea-bag , Teabag , tea tray , tea tin , tea table , tea shop , Tea product , Tea Pot , Tea Plate , tea oolong , Tea Kettle Set , Tea Glass Mug , tea cup , tea cake , tea beverage , tea bag , Taiwanese Tea , Taiwan Alishan Organic Oolong tea , stomach tea , Steamed green tea , stainless steel tea set , Smoked Lapsang Souchong , sliming tea , rooibos tea , reduce fat elimination tea , queshe tea , Pu-erh Tea , pu er tea , packed tea , Packaged Tea , Osmanthus Oolong Tea , Organic Ti Kuan Yin tea , organic oolong tea , Organic Oolong , Organic Longjing Tea , natural tea , loose-leaf puer , Longjing tea , liupoa loose tea , Liu Bao Cha , Lemon tea , Lapsang Sauchong black tea , Lapsang Sauchong , kungfu tea , Jinjunmei black tea , instant tea powder , Instant tea , Instant Jasmine tea , Huangshan Maofeng Tea , herbal tea , health tea , green tea wholesle , green tea store , green tea shop , green tea purchase , Green Tea Powder , green tea for weight loss , green tea diet , green tea , green loose tea , flower tea , flavored tea , Dragon Well Tea , Dragon Well Green tea , Dong Ding Oolong Tea , diet tea , diet green tea , dahongpao tea , Chinese Pu Erh Tea , Chinese oolong tea , Chinese Famous Tea , Chinese black tea , China tea ware , china tea set , China Oolong Tea , China dark tea , China black tea , cake puer , buy tea , Black Tea Loose Te , black tea Lapsang Souchong , China Long Range Cellphone Manufacturers
Main Products: tea,green tea,teas
Amadugold serl(Mali)
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Product: The objective of our business is to provide a high quality product and reliable service for our customers. We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and using our products and services as much...,The Amadu Gold Sarls. Mining company have been really improving due to the quality machineries and facilities that we are using on our mining field , so we are really improving on our rate and constant change of quantity of our product gold dust , and we are really going higher among all the mining company here in Mali , and also more customers have been coming for an eye view before coming back to purchase our product based on a long term business relationship , of which our product is very good and we are always available by our clients when ever they demand for our services , interested clients are welcome as we are going to attend to them based on the quality they want and our procedures have been accepted by them. We are gold miners , here in Mali West Africa , and we focus the trade of our product internationally , because we are fully capable of supplying a large quantity of our product gold dust , and of a very high quality , the purity is less mercury , and based on a local price suitable to that of the international price , we also use this medium to express our mining skill and also exploit operation , here in our mining district complex , client who have tested us are fully in boast and they are the once introducing more clients to us , try us and feel your desire as we go into a long term business relationship based on the product gold dust (nugget-bullion-and powder) , expecting the first new client to bear witness to our terms of operation with our full cooperate offer. Looking forward to the possibility of a long and prosperous business relationship, Mali Long Range Cellphone Manufacturers
Main Products: toric,powder,ship
Product: Spiral belt/spiral mesh/spiral fabric/dryer mesh/dryer screen/spiral dryer fabric http://www.papermachineclothings.com/polyester-spiral-belt-2.jpg Company name: Fly Dragon Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd....,Spiral belt/spiral mesh/spiral fabric/dryer mesh/dryer screen/spiral dryer fabric http://www.papermachineclothings.com/polyester-spiral-belt-2.jpg Company name: Fly Dragon Wire Mesh Co. , Ltd. Flydragon0007(a)hotmail.com or www.papermachineclothings.com MSN: flydrgon0007(a)hotmail.com Company name: Fly Dragon Wire Mesh Co , Ltd. flydragon0007@hotmail.com or www.papermachineclothings.com MSN: flydragon0007@hotmail.com We produce polyester spiral belt made from first-class monofilament , in reference to Finland Standard , has the characteristics of stable property and long work time. Advantages of Polyester Spiral Belt : Flat surface , not easily cracked Good air permeability Stable property against heat and moisture Low thermal shrinking Less elongation at heat Long lifespan , China Long Range Cellphone Manufacturers
Main Products: clothings,fila,permeability
Goa Metals(India)
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Product: We handle both prime (as per production order or prime surplus/over-rolling) and second choice (declassified) products in various forms: • blanks (small sheets) • sheets (both in standard...,Goa Metals is an independent & family-owned Indian company dealing in metals. We have nearly 4 decades of experience of business in metal & steel products. Goa metals focuses on establishing long term relationship with steel producers and consumers , finding profitable solutions for our partners for all Stainless steel – from Prime steel to secondary steel to Scrap. We specialize in the trading , stocking and distributing of stainless steel flat rolled products and long rolled products all over the world. The head office of company is in Mumbai , India. The Major Activities are to contact exporters in abroad who are dealing in stainless steel flat and long products , Carbon steel pipes , Ferrous metal Scrap & Non-Ferrous Metal Scrap , like Aluminum , Copper , Brass , and Zinc Scrap. The import operations of our company has been mainly from European Union companies , south- east Asia pacific companies and in the recent years we also added Far-East & American companies to our supplier portfolio. We import large quantities of stainless steel Pipes , sheets and coils to serve our customers with low price policy and optimum quality with wide range of ready stock. Besides our large volume of stocks , we also pay utmost attention to product variety and developing new range to our product portfolio. Goa metal still contacts major mills and exporters in the world and we have very good relation in USA , UK , NETHERLAND , Vietnam , China , Germany , Italy , Mexico , KOREA , TAIWAN , Japan and many others. Goa Metals also handles prime surplus , over rollings , second choice , third choice excess , ex-stock , Re-usable & stocks of stainless steel and carbon steel , India Long Range Cellphone Manufacturers
Main Products: carbon steel pipes,copper,brass
Sung Meng Tea Co Ltd(Taiwan, ROC.)
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Product: Sung Meng Tea Company Ltd. is a family business now in its third-generation. The Sung Meng Tea Company has supplied the most superb oolong teas available in Taiwan since 1960. Our tea farms are...,Taiwan oolong tea , Dong Ding Oolong , Ali Shan Oolong , Tiawan Jasmnine Tea , Taiwan black tea , Green tea , White tea , Silver Needle, Taiwan, ROC. Long Range Cellphone Manufacturers
Main Products: green tea,white tea,taiwan oolong tea
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