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Product: WEALSON is one of the leader manufacturer and exporter of gasket and gasket materials.All itmes are to customer requirements.,flexible graphite , graphite sheets , graphite roll/foil/coil , graphite tape , reinforced graphite seet , gasket materials , flexible graphite ring , spiral wound gasket , reinforced graphite gasket , ring joint gasket , corrugated gasket , serrated gasket , asbestos gaskets , non-asbestos gasket , ptfe gaskets , graphite gasket , ptfe coating gasket , gaskets , fland packing , gasket packing , pure PTFE fiber braided packing , Expanded Graphite Fible Braided Packing , PTFE graphite fiber braided packing , ramie fiber braided packing , chrysotile asbestos packing , carbon fiber packing , Carbonized Fiber Packing , etc Miss Danny Zhao sales at wealson dot com, China Packing Manufacturers
Main Products: non-metallic gaskets,spiral wound gaskets,all kind of gaskets
Product: 1.Gasket Series:flexible graphite gasket,tanged(reinforced) graphite gasket,die-formed graphite ring,asbestos gasket,non-asbestos gasket,rubber gasket,PTFE gasket,expanded PTFE gasket,spiral...,1.Gasket Series:flexible graphite gasket , tanged(reinforced) graphite gasket , die-formed graphite ring , asbestos gasket , non-asbestos gasket , rubber gasket , PTFE gasket , expanded PTFE gasket , spiral wound gasket(SWG) , metal gasket , ring joint gasket , oval ring joint gasket,octagonal ring joint gasket , lentoid gasket , serrated gasket , corrugated gasket , double jacketed gasket , heat exchanger gasket , ect. 2.Gland Packing Series:flexible graphite packing , PTFE fibre packing , PTFE graphite fibre packing , Kevlar fibre packing , aramide fibre packing , carbon fibre packing , carbonized fibre packing , PAN fiber packing , acrylic fibre packing , high water based fibre packing , asbestos fibre packing , cotton fibre packing , ramie fibre packing , ceramic fibre packing , glass fibre packing , ect. 3.Sealing Material Series:expanded graphite sheet , tanged graphite sheet , expanded graphite rolls , PTFE sheet , expande PTFE sheet , expanded PTFE joint sealant , expanded PTFE valve stem packing , rubber sheet , asbestos rubber sheet , non-asbestos sheet , ceramic fibre yarn , ceramic fibre tape , ceramic fibre cloth , ceramic fibre sheet , ceramic fibre belant , glass fibre cloth , glass fibre tape , glass fibre weaven tape , asbestos cloth , dustless asbestos cloth , asbestos fibre tape , carbon fibre cloth , carbon fibre tape , ect. , China Packing Manufacturers
Main Products: asbestos gasket,rubber gasket,ptfe gasket
Product: Jiangxi Aidmer® is a professional manufacturer and exporter of high-grade and top quality many styles of Packing, PTFE, Gasket Material. There were be widely used for dynamically sealing shafts,...,braided packing , mechanical packing , compression packing , stuffing box packing , pump packing , gland packing , seals packing , steam packing , hydraulic packing , valve packing , graphite packing , PTFE packing , Food Approval Packing , FDA packing , shaft packing seals marine packing , MARLO packing , Teflon packing , Flax packing , synthetic packing , metallic packing , asbestos packing , Carbon packing , fiberglass packing , corner packing , aramid fiber packing , interlock braided packing , square braided packing , non asbestos packing , braided asbestos free packing , Braided graphited PTFE packing , PTFE asbestos braided packing , special purpose packing , seal compression packing , sheeting packing , 100%PTFE braided packing , PTFE braided packing with graphite , pure graphite packing , pure PTFE braided packing , flax fiber packing , silicone core packing , graphite packing with metal , ceramic braided packing , ceramic rope , Graphite Rings , Gasket sheets , Gasket materials , asbestos sheets , Compressed asbestos gaskets packing , gasket , seals gaskets , gasketing , Flange Seals , Pipe Seals , , China Packing Manufacturers
Main Products: mechanical packing,compression packing,stuffing box packing
Product: Basing on advancing technology and professional technicians,integrating with technic research,design,product developing,manufacture,business and service,Guangzhou All-Bloom Packing Machinery...,packing machine , liquid packing machine , powder packing machine , granule packing machine , sugar packing machine , salt packing machine , coffee packing machine , shampoo packing machine , ketchup packing machine , grains packing machine , washing powder packing machine , flour packing machine , milk powder packing machine , cement packing machine , soybean powder packing machine , honey packing machine , juice packing machine , water packing machine , nails packing machine , screws packing machine , hardware packing machine , nuts packing machine , counting and packing machine , tea bag packing machine , candy packing machine , powder filling machine, China Packing Manufacturers
Main Products: packing machine,liquid packing machine,powder packing machine
Product: Established in 2003, Guangzhou All-Bloom Machinery Company is headquartered in Guangzhou City with advanced technology and professional technicians. Our company integrates technical research,...,packing machinery , sugar packing machine , candy packing machine , nails packing machine , salt packing machine , powder packing machine , coffee packing machine , flour packing machine , water packing machine , juice packing machine , honey packing machine , butter packing machine , shampoo packing machine , ketchup packing machine , liquid packing machine , granule packing machine , filling machine., China Packing Manufacturers
Main Products: packing machinery,sugar packing machine,candy packing machine
Product: our factory specificalize in all kinds of copper gasket,metal gasket,rubber gasket,gasket sheet,gland packing,heat resistant material,metal spiral wound gasket,metal interface gasket,toothed...,our factory specificalize in all kinds of copper gasket , metal gasket , rubber gasket , gasket sheet , gland packing , heat resistant material , metal spiral wound gasket , metal interface gasket , toothed washer , corrugated gasket , jacketed gasket , asbestos rubber gasket , non-asbestos rubber gasket , graphite gasket , ptfe envelop gasket , expened ptfe tape;asbestos rubber sheet , non-asbestos rubber sheet , asbestos beater paper , non-asbestos beater paper , ptfe rod , ptfe tube , graphite sheet , pure ptfe packing , ptfe graphite packing , carbon fiber soaked graphite packing , aramid ptfe graphite packing , pure graphite packing , graphite packing ptfe , kevlar packing ptfe , glass fiber wire packing , graphite wire packing , asbestos fiber products , fiberglass products , ceramic fiber products, China Packing Manufacturers
Main Products:
Product: Sinston Sealing Material Factory is one of main exporter & manufacturers of sealing material & insulation material in China . lies in Cixi city belonging to Ningbo area of eastern coast in China....,gland packing: Expanded Graphite Packing , Die-formed graphite ring , Carbon fiber packing , Aramid fiber packing , Kevlar packing , White PTFE packing , Chinese GFO packing , Vegetable fiber packing , Ramie/Fax fiber packing , Cotton packing , Arcylic fiber packing , glass fiber packing , asbestos packing Injectalbe Packing and so on . Gasket : Spiral wound Gasket , Double Metal Jacketed gasket , PTFE Enveloped Gasket , Kamprofile gasket , Ring Joint Gasket , Corrugated Metal gasket , Serrated (grooved) gasket , Metal O rings , PTFE gasket , Copper gasket , Non-asbstos gasket and so on . Gasket sheet material: Expanded graphite sheet/Roll , Non-asbestos sheet , PTFE sheet , Mica sheet , Ceramic fiber paper , Mineral wool , Rubber sheet , Rubber cork sheet , asbestos sheet , asbestos rubber sheet , asbestos beater sheet , oil-resisting asbestos rubber sheet and so on . Packing material: Expanded Graphite Yarn ( Reinforced by cotton , Glass fiber , Carbon fiber ) , Carbonized fiber yarn (impregnated with PTFE) , Spun Carbonized fiber yarn reinforced with glassfiber impregnated with PTFE. Carbon fiber yarn . Kevlar fiber yarn , Spun Kevlar yarn reinforced with glass fiber impregnated with PTFE . Spun aramid yarn reinforced glass fiber impregnated with PTFE. Pure PTFE yarn (oil free or with oil ) . Ramie yarn impregnated with PTFE , Arcylic fiber yarn reinforced with glass fiber impregnated with PTFE Gasket Materials:Graphite tape for S.W gasket , Asbestos tape for S.W gasket , Universal PTFE Tape for SW.gasket . Flat Metal Tape( Thickness:02mm) , V-shape Metal Tape( Thickness :02mm) For SW gasket. Metal Sheet( Thickness:04mm) for Double Jacketed Gasket . Tanged Metal Sheet , Metal Sheet/Strip ( thickness:2/4mm) for ring . Corrugated Metal Strip ( Thickness:2/4mm) Oxidized Graphite Tools & Machines:Packing tools , Injection Gun , Handy Gasket Cutter , Gasket Double Cutter . Insulation materials: Asbestos tape , Asbestos cloth , Asbestos yarn , Ceramic fiber yarn , Ceramic fiber tape , Ceramic fiber paper , Ceramic fiber cloth , Ceramic fiber board , Ceramic fiber felt , Ceramic fiber blanket , Glass fiber yarn , glass fiber tape , glass fiber cloth , PTFE rod , PTFE sheet , PTFE yarn , Graphite yarn , graphite tape , Graphite cloth and so on Mechanical Seals , Oil seals , O rings , Rubber washers and other rubber products . , China Packing Manufacturers
Main Products: die-formed graphite ring,carbon fiber packing,aramid fiber packing
Product: Cixi CAZseal Paking & Gasket Co.,Ltd, belongs to CAZ Group Corporation, she dedicates to R&D, production and service of grand packings, joint sheets, industrial gaskets and sealing machines etc....,Compression Packing PTFE packing , Aramid packing , Graphite packing , Carbon fiber Packing , Synthetic fiber packing , Mineral fiber packing etc. Joint Sheet Non-asbestos sheet , PTFE sheet , Graphite sheet , Rubber sheet , Cork Rubber , Mica sheet , Beater sheet , Asbestos sheet and so on Industrial Gasket Graphite gasket , Double jacketed gasket , Auto gasket , Spiral wound gasket , Kammprofile gasket , Corrugated metal gasket , Ring joint gasket , Metal O-ring , PTFE Envelope gasket , Insulating sets and expanded PTFE tape , Braided graphite tube , Rubber rope etc. Sealing Machine Packng tools , Packing cutter , Gasket cutter , SWG winding machine , bending machine , Groover , Angling machine , Double jacketed machine , Gasket cutting machine , Puncher , Calender , Braider and so on. Raw Material PTFE yarn , GFO yarn , Graphite yarn , Carbon yarn , Aramid yarn , Silicon rope etc. SS tape , Graphite tape , PTFE tape , Metal bending strip , Metal Kammprofile strip , tanged SS sheet, China Packing Manufacturers
Main Products: aramid packing,graphite packing,carbon fiber packing
Product: we are the most prominent manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of Woven Sacks, Fabrics and Tarpaulins most widely used for the packaging of sand, cement, polymer resins, agro products,...,pp fabrics , hdpe fabrics , sand bags , FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk) , Jumbo & Bulk bags , Containerstarpaulins , woven range , woven sacks , hdpe woven bags , hdpe woven sacks , pp (polypropylene) woven bags , pp woven sacks , flour & corn packing bags , grain packing bags , sugar packing bags , salt bulk packing bags , animal feed packing bags , chemicals packing bags , fertilizer , caustic soda packing bags , petro chemicals packing bags , polymers granuals packing bags , pvc compound packing bags , master batches packing bags , cement packing bags , pp/hdpe bags for packaging, India Packing Manufacturers
Main Products: pp_hdpe woven sacks,sand bags,hdpe woven sacks
Product: Aiflon Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd---a crystallization of Chinese sealing , owns three manufacturers,specialized manufacturing metallic gaskcts,non-mctallic gaskcts and various fibcr packings.The...,Our main products are expanded graphite packing , die-formed ring , carbon fiber packing , aramid fiber packing , aramid + PTFE , nomex fiber packing , pure PTFE packing , sintered PTFE packing , graphited PTFE packing , ramie fiber packing , cotton fiber packing , pan fiber packing with PTFE , polyimide fiber packing , asbestos packing , expanded graphite sheet , non-asbestos sheet , pure PTFE sheet , mica sheet , ceramic fiber sheet , rubber sheet , asbestos sheet , spiral wound gasket , metal jacketed gasket , Graphie gasket , metal eyeleted flat gasket , serrated gasket , corrugated metal gasket , ring joint gasket , PTFE envelope gasket , cylinder head gasket , expanded graphite yarns , PTFE thread sealing tape , expanded PTFE round cord , expanded PTFE joint sealant tape with self-adhesive , PTFE skived film , braided glass fiber tape / cloth o ring , oil seals , rubber products Ceramic fiber Yarn (Reinforced with stainless steel wire or glass fiber) , Ceramic fiber tape (Reinforced with stainless steel wire or glass fiber ) , Ceramic fiber Cloth , Ceramic fiber cloth with aluminum foil (reinforced with stainless steel wire or glass fiber ) , Ceramic fiber Lagging , Ceramic fiber Round Braided Rope( Reinforced with stainless steel wire or glass fiber ) , ceramic fiber square braided rope , Ceramic fiber twisted rope , Ceramic fiber paper , Ceramic fiber Blanket , Ceramic fiber Board , Ceramic fiber Module , Ceramic fiber Felt , Ceramic fiber packing , Glass fiber packing , Glass fiber Texturized Yarn , Glass fiber Texturized Cloth , Glass fiber Texturized Tape , Glass fiber Composite Yarn , Glass fibertwisted texturized rope , Glass fiber texturized Round/Square Braided Rope and so on . , China Packing Manufacturers
Main Products: ceramic and porcelain vases,glass and crystal vases,others

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